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Old Mack

Here Is Where It All Began, 'Old Mack'

Owner Operator Jesse Wellmeier drove for Army Reserves within the US and Afghanistan.  After much discussion and planning he decided to make a go of it locally.

Moved to Regional After Newer Truck Purchase

Typically we pick up within 50 miles of Davenport,  IA and deliver from Chicago area to midmiddle Illinois.   Also lanes tword St Louis and most of Iowa.  We try to be home base same day on runs.  (Max between  250-300 miles total)

Continued Local Runs

We still make local runs mostly for equipment and dump bed products.   

Any type are welcome, just 

call 563-223-3744

Or email us Sales@walkyrie.us 

Tow Semi Trucks As Well

We are also able to tow Semi Tractors with Pro-Tote set-up.

Limited to QuadCity Area and its surrounding west side.

Snow Plowing Service as Well

Own a truck with a snow plow.  Give us a call to setup automatic snow removal! 



Limited to QuadCity Area and its surrounding west side.


Insured for $1million + Reefer content & Power Only coverage.


Email us your brokering packet if you are a broker with lanes for us.  We are happy  to provide copies of necessary paperwork and complete your packets within an hour from an agreement to haul a load for you.

Email us your broker packet!

About Us


Hydraulic Drop Front Step Deck Flat Bed Trailer (8'Upper deck || 30' lower deck.)

larger than 8' wide loads require special permit.

  • We can winch vehicles onto the trailer if they do not run.  
  • Consider size of trailer when hauling equipment, lumber or stacks of material.  
  • We are able to provide necessary items to safely secure almost all loads.  
  • Please let us know if your load needs specific securing.  


39' Aluminum Dump Trailer

Grain, Gravel, Sand, Dirt, Mulch..... arrangements can be made in advance for Walkyrie to pay aggregate fee and you can pay with trucking fees upon deliver.  

If several loads are being hauled for the day or over a period of time they can be lumped together for payment as well.

53' Dry Van

53' Van Container Trailers

53' Dry Van 

53' Reefer Van

Keeps items safe from road debris and dry during inclement weather.  Ask for the Reefer if you need cooling or heat for your products.

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Numbers provided upon load agreement completions. 

Walkyrie Engineering, LLC

5900 Chapel Hill Rd, Davenport, Iowa 52802, United States

(563) 223 3744

By appointment -- almost anytime!

Able to do after hour and weekend delivery to most areas.

Call/email for off hour and weekend hauls! 

                      563 22 33 7 44